5 Travel Tips!

Hello Fashion Forwarders!

As Summer is approaching and the air is getting warmer, we are all anxiously awaiting to dip our toes in the sand with a nice cold margarita (or beer) in hand. Though, it’s important to remember that it’s the little things that make a vacation great! Here, i’m sharing with you a few of my travel tips in hopes that you enjoy your next vacation just a little bit more!

Tip #1: Comfy Shoes

Yes, yes, yes, you saw it right, comfy shoes! Though you may be on the verge of packing your highest heels, it is extremely important to remember that comfort is key to a relaxing vacation. Even if sand gets in between your toes, that’s what the beach is all about! Save your high heels for the highlights and important events throughout your vacation and switch into your comfy flats during car rides and especially in the airport!

Another thing to remember is to pack shoes that can be accessorized and worn with multiple outfits. This will leave much more room in your suitcase for other outfits and shoes you might buy along the way of your vacation.

Tip #2: Travel Sized Products

No matter where I go on vacation, I always make sure to stop and buy a few travel sized beauty products the night before my departure. Some of these products include moisturizer, tinted lotion, face cream, shampoo, conditioner, and other mini-sized products.

The sun is no joke my friends! It is very important to take care of your skin and hair when exposing both to the sun. Don’t forget to make your midnight run to Walmart the night before your next vacay!

Tip #3: LWD

Three words: Little White Dress. Yes, white, NOT black. While I love the little black dress, I especially love the little white dress. There is something special about a white dress. I believe it brings out the natural glow and beauty in a face.

Personally, I would prefer a little white lace dress. I think lace provides the angelic yet sexual appeal that you can’t get with many other outfits.

Tip #4: Multiple Layers

It’s important to not over-pack but it’s also important to not under-pack. Whether you’re going to visit the cold Mt. McKinley or the hot islands of the Bahamas, layers are extremely important.

While your destination might be cold or warm, the airport is not set to your preferred body temp level. So it is important that you wear extra layers of clothing that can be easily put on or taken off no matter where your current location is. You need to be prepared for any climate coming your way!

Tip: #5: Bold Accessories

Bold accessories are sure to attract some stares. Statement necklaces and scarves can easily update your look and give it the right edge. Switch it up each night and interchange between necklaces, bracelets, and watches. Though, make sure to wear one bold piece at a time and don’t overdue it.

Personally, I prefer to take bold pieces that are of neutral tones. Since most of my outfits will already contain color, I like to contrast the color in my outfits with dark pieces of jewelry.


I hope my travel tips help make your vacation a little better and a little more organized. Share your traveling tips and pictures of your favorite vacation products in the comments!



Lemane Banushi


My Summer 2017 Fashion Wishlist

Welcome back Fashion Forwarders!

We all have outfits and accessories that we fantasize over but are not entirely in our budget; So instead, we fantasize and drool over the Dolce & Gabbana leather handbag we know will never land in our hands unless by magic.

Rather than simply fantasizing, I have created my own 2017 Summer fashion wish list. It is my goal to acquire at least some of the items on this list by Summer of 2018. I have included a list of 5 items in my wishlist to share with and inspire you!



camelia earringscamelia 2.jpg

The Camelia earrings from Chanel, cost approximately $6,950. They come in 18K White Gold & Diamonds and in 18K Pink Gold & Diamonds. These earrings made it to number #1 on my Fashion Wishlist because of their simplicity in color and style. My favorite fashion accessory are earrings, preferably small, dainty, sparkly, and eye-catching. These earrings fit just that!


LV dress.jpg

This Embroidered EPI Glitter Jersey Dress from Louis Vuitton makes #2 on my wishlist because of it’s exceptional brown and white color mix and design pattern. I love the slit in the middle of the dress and the length; both give the dress a fun and sassy look perfect for summertime.

This dress will be featured in Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2017 line and therefore, does not have a current price for the dress.No worries, when they post a price, I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!


These Anew Tight’s from Lululemon come in 4 different colors: Black Currant, White, Black, and Black Grape. Each color is equally appealing and if I could, I would buy them all! The current price for the leggings are $118.00 USD.

The leggings are made with Lycra fibre for stretch and shape retention and contain a small hidden pocket to keep your phone in place. These make perfect additions for an easy Summer workout!



These Puma Fenty By Rihanna Satin Bow Sneakers from Urban Outfitters come in 4 different colors: Olive (above), Rose, Lavender, and Tan. They were designed by Rihanna for her Fenty collection with Puma.

I absolutely have a passion for and adore both bows and sneakers, so this shoe was essentially made for my soul. The shiny satin makes the sneaker stand apart and provides a very unique look. These will be perfect to wear on a nice summer day out for froyo!

Each shoe is priced at $160.00 USD.



This “DIOREVER” Bag in Blue Bullcalf Leather by Dior comes with a reversible flap and a crest-shaped clasp. It can be carried over the shoulder or in hand. The combination of the dark blue color makes the bag pop and accentuates the bag’s leather feature.

The website does not list a price as the bag is only available in stores. Though, it does come in a variety of colors. This bag was my personal favorite of them all because it stood out in comparison to the others and is very eye-catching.

See you next post!


Lemane Banushi

What’s included in your Summer 2017 Fashion Wishlist? Comment below! 


My top 5 online stores to shop at

Even though I have a love for fashion, I don’t have a certain ‘style’ bible that I abide by; Instead I wear whatever clothing articles I find most intriguing, unique, comfortable, and sexy!

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite stores to shop at!

1. www.revolve.com

Revolve carries over 500 women and mens brands. Some of which are the well-known Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, and Free People.

While I must admit that not everything on this website is considered affordable to most, the good news is that sales happen frequently!

Each brand piece is cohesive with one another and creates the flexibility for many styles. You can probably find an outfit that each of the Kardashian sisters would wear. They even carry wedding gowns.

2. www.beachbunnyswimwear.com

This website offers a variety of custom designs and unique styles to fit every beach bunny, I have purchased a range of swimsuits, rompers, and tank tops,

Beach Bunny takes third best because while they offer a variety of beach clothes, they do not carry many items for the other 3 seasons. However, Each clothing item has it’s own specific design and or pattern that sets it apart from the rest. All, however, are equally simple, unique, and vibrant.

Always keep an eye out for their newest arrivals, they are sure to sell!


3. www.boohoo.com

Thiis UK based store offers up to 100 new pieces on their site each day and a new collection every week. Folks, it actually does get better than that–they offer sales, codes, and discounts almost every single day.

Their website has a ‘Get the look’ button that when you click, features a variety of styles adjacent to the current fashion trends. It is intended to make shopping easier for customers and provide quality looks.

4. www.urbanog.com

Urbanog provides clothing items specifically designed for women and little girls. This website provides for all body types and makes sure each body is clothed with unique designs.

They have a specific ‘Trending’ button that provides the newest looks in current fashion. They offer suede clothes, vintage items, tropical and prints, and even bell bottoms! It doesn’t get anymore 90’s than that.

The clothing articles are at reasonable prices but with the guarantee that you won’t see another item like it elsewhere!

5. www.modernvintageboutique.com

Modern Vintage Boutique offers chic yet cutting-edge apparel and accessories. Sadly, there is boutique is only available online as the company has no store based location.

The apparel ranges from comfy to sexy and appeal to women of all shapes and sizes while offering great quality at reasonable prices.

I personally visit this boutique for casual clothing items that I would wear around the house and sometimes for outings.


What my classmates wear

I constantly plan what I will be wearing to a specific event so I asked my classmates to do the same. I asked them to design a specific outfit for a summertime event and here is what they came up with!

Tori Siebecker

Displaying Tori.JPGScreenshot (6)


This outfit is great for the gym. Pink sports bra from the Nike outlet, the black leggings from Adidas.com, and the grayish sneakers from Nike.com.


Crystal Vance

Displaying IMG_20160508_201811.jpg

Screenshot (5)

This will be my first summer as a full-fledged adult because I’ll be graduating in May so my summer will be spent writing posts and designing graphics for my blogs. I like to be comfortable so my go-to summer outfit is a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt and this year my usual ensemble will be joined by a nice new pair of Converse high tops. I’ll have a sweatshirt on hand for those nights that my friends and I get together to have a bonfire under the stars and what outfit is complete without a pair of stylish fishhook earrings? Since I’ll be spending most of my time working, I’ll likely be toting around my laptop bag complete with a pair of earbuds so I can tune out the world. Working some days at Starbucks with a frappe in hand will keep me from going stir-crazy at home and since (for the first time ever) I don’t have a fixed schedule, my planner will become an essential to keep my life in order and on track.

Alexandra George



Screenshot (4).png

The swimsuit came from swimoutlet.com a swim suit/equipment store the bags, caps and goggles also came from the website and the flipflops came from old navy.

Jenna Hudson



Screenshot (7).png

The outfit that I put together is the outfit I would like to wear to my sisters rehearsal dinner. Since she is getting married in July I would like to wear something bright and floral. I like this dress because of the back and because of the colors with it. I would put a pair of nude peep toed shoes with it because it will make the dress stand out more. I would also do a set of nude and sparkly nails, paired with nude lipstick and a simple pair of diamond studs.


Kaitlin Lunger

headshot (1).jpg



There’s absolutely a time and a place to dress up and a time to dress down. Like any other person, I enjoy doing a little bit of both. However, my favorite outfit is an outfit I can wear to the beach. The outfit I chose is the perfect beach outfit! The only swap I would make is the sunglasses; I enjoy mirrored aviator sunglasses versus any other type of sunglasses, so they’re definitely a must-have. Another necessary “accessory” would have to be sunscreen. Because I am so fair-skinned, sunscreen is essentially considered an accessory for me in the summertime. I’m beyond excited to break out the summer clothes and head to the beach to wear an outfit such as the one I chose!

Jack Clark

Screenshot (8).png